Godot Inc.

Inspire personal and societal growth
using Human Augmentation

At Godot, we believe in the power of technology to change the world for the better.

We are Godot, a human augmentation company.

Technologies that make people faster, smarter and stronger are valuable, but technologies that make us kinder towards fellow human beings are invaluable. We need to augment our empathy, above all else, to reimagine the world as a place where everyone is given a fair chance to grow and contribute to society. Godot is developing technologies that can break through our cognitive limitations and biases so that we can better empathise with others and redesign the world to be more inclusive.

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  • Ken Moriyama
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Go Suzui
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Megumi Ichimiya
    Chief Research Officer

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    Godot Inc.
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    1st July, 2022