Godot Inc.

Inspire personal & societal growth
using Human Augmentation

We are Godot,
a human augmentation company.

Technologies that make people faster, smarter and stronger are valuable, but technologies that make us kinder towards fellow human beings are invaluable. We need to augment our empathy, above all else, to reimagine the world as a place where everyone is given a fair chance to grow and contribute to society. Godot is developing technologies that can break through our cognitive limitations and biases so that we can better empathise with others and redesign the world to be more inclusive.

Issues we are working on

Godot is committed to transforming behaviors that cause social problems into those that lead to problem solving.

  • Mental and Physical Health
    Administration and companies working on early detection of mental and physical illness and health promotion
  • Household Health
    Administration and companies working on asset building
  • Social Health
    Administration and companies working on environmental issues related to behavior change, D&I and organizational improvement

Our Products

  • Nudge AI

    NudgeAI is a hyper-personalised intervention agent powered by behavioural sciences and machine learning that encourages behaviour change at the individual level. Learning from data about people's behavioural patterns, NudgeAI creates targeted interventions to effectively change individuals' decisions and behaviours.

  • AI-driven sludge audit

    Sludge Audit is a project to visualize and improve the points and factors (sludge) that hinder users' decision-making and behavior change in websites and application forms from a behavioral science perspective.


  • Corporation
      a large life and non-life insurance company
      a large general trading company
      a large telecom company
      a large printing company
      a large food manufacturer etc.
  • Administration
    • Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
      Osaka City
      Kyoto City
      Nagoya City
      Sakai city
      Okinawa Yomitan Village etc.



  • Jul. 2022

    Incorporated as Godot Inc.

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